Strategic advising and collaboration with healthcare professionals

Technological advances, and especially the use of high-throughput sequencing in clinical environment, have revolutionized patient care and offer new perspectives in all medical specialties.

High-throughput sequencing can now be prescribed by any doctor if they target less than 10 genes. They frequently require a prior request to the healthcare insurance.

We propose several modes of interaction with healthcare professionals in charge of the patient:

If a genetic consultation is wanted, we can organize it in our institute, share our opinion on the situation and arrange the required genetic analyses. We work in complete collaboration with the referring doctor at each step of the process.

If you consider prescribing a molecular analysis and wish to get information on the strategy or the process, we are available at any step to help you through it.

  • Choice of most relevant analysis
  • Design of a gene panel
  • Prescription and insurance matters
  • Results interpretation and management
  • Communication of documents or recommendations relative to the gene or the condition
  • Possible genetic counselling

You can contact us by phone or e-mail.